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Car parking multiplayer for iOS

Are you interested in Playing car parking multiplayer for IOS devices then this game is the best choise. Car prking multiplayer mod APK (moded version) is not available iOS users either on iPhone, MacBook or iPad. Because iOS software does not allows the unknown apps.

IOS users can download the orignal version. Orignal version is also Free, batter security and players can complete the all parking challanges and can enjoy all the SPAWN points as a single player or multi player free. However there are some in game purchasses for early car upgradtions.

To download the orignal version of car parking multiplayer for iOS, click the below given download button. It will you to take the new site from where you can download the game.

Additional Info

App NameCar Parking Multiplayer for IOS
Publisher Aidana Kengbeiil
Size1.2 GB
Get it onApple Store
SecuritySecure App
RequirementsRequires IOS 13.0 or later
FeaturesBetter Graphics
Updated29 February 2024

Requirements for IOS System

1- Operating system

The operating system for IOS 10 or above is required. Players can feel really happy and comfortable peace by playing this racing game.

2- Free Space

Free space is essational for runing devices smoothly. If you want your device to perform smoothly then ensure that 1.2GB free space is avilable in your device. Moreover 2 GB RAM is necessary to play on iPhone and iPhade.

How to Download Car Parking Multiplayer for IOS

Following these guidelines to download the car parking multiplayer for iOS

  • Open the App Store on your iPhone iPad and MacBook
  • Search car parking multiplayer game in game area
  • Click on the download button and save the download file in download folder
  • Allow the unknown sources for installation
  • Within minute it will be complete install
  • After installation you can easily play car parking multiplayer APK on your IOS device
Car parking multiplayer for iOS
Car parking multiplayer for iOS

In-Game Purchasses

In-game purchases are not necessary completely optional and it does not stop you from enoying playing game. Money is needed when you want early upgradation of cars, customization of cars and luxury cars. Here is the list of some items with their prices you can buy with money.

100 Coins$1.99
300 Coins$3.99
1000 Coins$9.99
2000,00 Game Money$5.99
5000,00 Game Money$9.99
1000,000 Game Money$17.99
Unlock Car$2.99
Police Cars$9.99

Adventages of iOS

Following are some adventages of Apple devices

Excelent Performance

The game run smoothly on iPhone and iPade andgive excelance experience.

Batter Graphics

iPhone and iPade have high resolution screen and more GPUs and displays best graphics.


Apple’s devices are femous for their best security and provide more secure envoirment and minimises the risk of facing in game scams.

car parking multiplayer for iOs
car parking multiplayer for iOs

List of Old Versions for IOS

This is the list of older versions of car parking multiplayer for iOS

  • 2.5.1 (Apr 18, 2024)
    • Introduced new car sounds.
    • Added a new environment.
    • Included new cars.
    • Introduced clan features.
    • Optimized performance.
  • 2.5.0 (Feb 29, 2024)
    • Implemented hot fixes.
  • 2.4.9 (Feb 21, 2024)
    • Introduced the Clan System.
    • Added the ability to flag clans.
    • Introduced the Clan House with a new environment.
    • Included new cars.
    • Added a football feature.
  • 2.4.8 (Dec 28, 2023)
    • Introduced a new environment.
    • Added winter elements to some environments.
    • Included new features such as door animations and updated car traffic.
    • Added new sounds.
    • Fixed bugs and optimized performance.
  • 2.4.7 (Nov 15, 2023)
    • Added new cars.
    • Introduced a new environment.
    • Implemented localization.
    • Included new skins and designs.
    • Added new features.
    • Fixed bugs.

My Opinion

 I have been a big lover of the Car Parking Multiplayer for IOS game for a long time. Recently, I bought a new IOS device to play the car parking game, but I was worried about how I could play this game on the IOS big screen.

You know that many apps are available on the Android platform but not on IOS. Fortunately, my app works on the IOS device, so you can easily download this game from my website.

There are no objections to playing this game. I have been playing this game on IOS devices for many days, but I could not find any bugs in it.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Yes, car parking multiplayer for IOS has mega offers for the enjoyment of his players.

Yes, car parking latest game is totally free on IOS device.

No jailbreak is needed .

AIDANA KENGBEIIL is the developer of this game.

2.5.4 is the latest version of car parking multiplayer for IOS.

Size of car parking multiplayer for IOS is 1.2 GB.


To enjoy the Car Parking Multiplayer for IOS devices players should to follow few requirements. It has extensive features as compared to the androied devices such as you can voice and chat with friends. So, without delay, download the Car Parking Multiplayer and enjoy the game on your IOS device. The Car Parking Multiplayer game improves your real driving experience, and you can enjoy the simulation sound environment.

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